Picture Frame Hanging Tool

Picture Frame Hanging Tool

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DECORATE YOUR WALLS LIKE A PRO — The Picture Hanger makes it quick and easy to decorate your walls like a pro. No more measuring, marking perfect all the time, really simple to use and saves time, walls and frustration.

NO MORE MEASURING — The Picture Hanging Tool has built-in level to ensure that you can just visually hang your art where you want every time, no measuring is needed.

PERFECT EVERY TIME — The Marking Position Tool has Built-in metal pins to mark exactly where the nail goes. Save your walls and frustration by eliminating 'oops' holes.

HANG UP ANYTHING — The Frame Hanging Tool works great with all types of hanging hardware, picture wire, sawtooth hook, D-Ring and keyhole. Ideal Hanger for pictures, clocks, mirrors and canvas and more.

EASY TO USE — Step 1: Start by placing your picture frame or other item on the hook. Step 2: Find the right spot on the wall. Step 3: Press the button to mark where the nail goes. Step 4: Hammer the nail in, then hang and level it. That's it!